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Somebody drop a beat….

Alright, then.  I have to get this out….I have a feeling I’ll find lots of stuff wrong with it, but I have to get it out….

The files:


The problem with having so many files floating around is that by the time I get done checking the last ones, the first ones are deprecated hehe.  I need a team…a team of elves…a team of elves that write code.  And make cookies (mmmmm cookies…..)

Moral: PLEASE let me know what happens when you try this stuff out.  I don’t have an installation of 10.6 or 10.7 so I have no idea what it will do with those OSes.  Working on 10.6, its bound to be a good thing to have.  In the meantime, you are my cybernetic eyes and ears.

You will need versions 8.22 of Live, 5.18 of Max, and update your Java installs just for good measure.

I’ve chased down every single bug I could find with the MonOhm script, but I suspect there might be a few little ones left.

The plugins are largely untouched…except for Plinko, which is much more stable, faster, capable of recalling up to 32 presets, and still completely undocumented (don’t worry, that bit is just over the horizon….).

OSX only for the time being.  When I can find someone with Windows who will test for me, I’ll put together a package for that OS as well.

And NOW….for the tutorials.  I’ve already posted one for the Ohm64 script (yesterday?), and I’ll be working on some new ones for each individual plugin later this week.  Furthermore, I’ve come up with an idea:

I’ll be presenting at GAFFTA in San Francisco on the 25th of August (Ableton Hack Night), and I don’t have any material that I want to use.  So for the next two weeks, I’m going to video document my progress in creating a short Live PA set for the performance that evening.  I’ll start roughly from scratch with an empty template project and gradually add plugins that I’m going to use for either preproduction or during the actual performance itself.  I’ll give an explanation of what each plugin does, how to use it, tricks you can do with it, and probably some performance.  I think this is the only way I’m going to be able to force myself to get these tutorials over with, as the other way is just boring me (and you, I’m sure) to tears.   In addition, you’ll get to see some of the plugins that are ‘as yet unreleased’ in action, and maybe you can give me some pointers about how I can suck less 😉

Incidentally, there’s a whole lot more stuff that goes with this, but can’t be released right now.  Expect a Livid Code script (I have a working one, but I need to polish it up a bit….and finish two patches that go with it, or its fairly worthless), a Livid Block script (I’m waiting on the Block to arrive in the mail…it shouldn’t take long after I get it), and an APC40 script (again…shouldn’t take longer than a day, although I don’t think I’ve gotten one response from ANYONE using the old one, so that one may sit on the shelf for a while)…..Oh, and an iPod script for TouchOSC, just because a good friend of mine really should have one.  But I’ll rant about that stuff another on another evening.

Oh, and if someone would send me a monome, I’d gladly incorporate it as well….

Btw,  if any of this stuff catches your house on fire or something, I am NOT responsible.


~ by amounra on August 8, 2011.


7 Responses to “Somebody drop a beat….”

  1. Hey A, just to let you know I seem to have it up and running on XP with launchpad. Cool man!, thanxs,

  2. Well that's just great, how am i supposed to get any work done now 😉

    —–> locks himself in studio

  3. @ Bert:

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂 Are Plinko & Boinngg working for you? Those are the ones I'm wondering about….

  4. First impression of the b99 after 20 min.
    Tons of work
    melts brain (yes jay, but in a goood way)
    opens new possibilities

    ——> disappears into studio again

  5. @A:
    Yeah man, as far as I can tell both Plinko and Boingg are working. Quadrant selection is also awesome. All on Launchpad sofar. Did not succeed on Ipad yet.

  6. Awesome ! Glad that I don't have to recompile those .class files. The only other thing that's missing from that package is the zeroconf stuff, which should be available here:


    I couldn't get it to download correctly, but maybe you will have more luck.

    Let me know how the iPad adventure goes for you!


  7. Working all fine on osx 10.6.8 / monochrome ohm64
    doing some further experiments… thanks a lot (:

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