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grrr….b991 already

Here ya go:


I really hadn’t intended on updating this stuff quite so soon, but I found a bug tonight that prevents the patches from loading from a saved Live set….something I added at the last minute and should have checked out further.

IMPORTANT:  replace boiingg_b99.class in the Max/Cycling ’74/java/classes folder with the new one (b99b).  In fact, I left ‘classes’ off the destination address, so, in fact, if you followed the directions you put both the .class files in the wrong folder: make sure plinko_b99b is in the right place.

If you downloaded the first package, you should download this one now.  If you have saved any patches with the old plugins and have preset info stored in the project, you can just drop the new plugin (version b991) on top of the old one and resave the project….all the pattr information will transfer to the new plugin.  Besides the actual m4l client plugins, everything is identical.

In addition, I’ve fixed the preset storage in Plinko and Boinngg so that presets can be stored and accessed from the grid.  Just hold down Alt (top right function button on Ohm, User2 button on Launchpad) and the grid is split in two while its held down:  the top 32 cells will be blank, and will indicate locations after they are stored, while the bottom 32 are flashing, and represent empty locations that can be stored.  If you press a bottom cell it will store a preset location in the corresponding top cell.  If you press a lit cell on the top (if its turned on because you’ve stored a location there) it will recall that location.  I had to do it this way because I was out of buttons and didn’t want to rewrite a bunch of new stuff right now….besides, there are enough silly button combinations as it is.  Let me know if that makes sense to anyone?

Boinngg will recall the same grid space as it existed right when you store the preset.  I’ll have to work on the timing later.

Expect similar preset systems for all the other plugins as I have a chance to integrate this new method.  The object I’m using will become a reuasable abstract as  I get the bugs worked out and decide what works best (for instance, there’s still no way to copy and paste or erase already stored presets….but you can always just overwrite a preset, and for copying, just recall a preset into the grid and store it in another location).

Still no tutorials, my evening was spent fixing bugs instead….hopefully things go better tomorrow.  I did get to play some music with the new stuff tonight, though, so that’s encouraging πŸ™‚  Everything went swimmingly after I figured sorted out the bug.

I’m still running into weirdness when switching between edit mode or saving m4l patches as presets (which is what the introduction of the b99 bug was all about….I made a change that was supposed to fix that problem, but instead it caused another).  I’m working on it…I don’t think anyone is using this stuff for further coding anyway, but if someone runs into issues, let me know.

I’ll be migrating to 10.6 later this week, so I should have a better testing platform for those of you that are on MacOS.  Wish me luck…that’s 3 computers to upgrade and without anything breaking….blehhh.

It honestly wouldn’t be so irritating if I didn’t have to open up every single patch, resave it, refreeze it, resave it…..whatever.  Labor of love πŸ˜‰


~ by amounra on August 9, 2011.


8 Responses to “grrr….b991 already”

  1. Hey A,

    Checked yr latest version with Ipad & XP PC.
    Tested with two instances of Gome; works fine.

    One visual quirk: the 'lights' on Ipad, page 3 & 4(velocity & notelength in case of Gome) go all funky. Suspect this has something to do with the bright/mellow switch on the AumPad; what I see on page 3 & 4 looks like a mix of the two colors. Hope this helps,

    Best, Bert

  2. Hey!
    exhaustive testing nearly completed – just wanted to give you a quick status report πŸ™‚

    should be finished friday at the latest.


  3. Hey Bert,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I know exactly what you are talking about with the wonky lights. This is a problem with WIFI communication. Unfortuanely, there's just too much data to send….packets get dropped.

    The best solution is to use an ad hoc network connection (i.e. not through a router…connect directly to the computer's wireless adapter). I get pretty good performance this way. In addition, AumPad doesn't have to send quite as much data in 'Mellow' mode, so try this out too. Connecting through a router is always going to cause packet loss. Its lame, believe me I know.

    When you get in a situation like that, try to hit bright/mellow a couple of times, this will attempt to send the correct values to the iPad. Again, though, it will just jumble things a different way if packets keep getting dropped.

    I plan to incorporate MIDI into the next revision of this script so that Line6's MIDI Mobilizer or other similar solutions will allow faster communication for the button lighting….it will still be necessary to use WIFI for textual feedback, but it should improve performance vastly.

    In the meantime, I'm afraid that we're limited to ad hoc connections until H3xl3r gives us a multibutton object that supports individual color calls to each button element (this would reduce the number of packets by a huge amount, even though it would increase their sizes).

    Glad everything is working for you! Working on tutorials for stuff on my day off today…stay tuned!


  4. Awesome Ken…I'm just dipping my feet into it, myself, I've been doing some other programming stuff and finishing up a looping plugin I've been working on for Monomodular….but I'm moving from the dev machine to the Live rig right now, so hopefully the day proves productive!


  5. spontaneous last minute gig tonight – back tomorrow with the promised report.

    i'm taking my large setup with backup laptops and controllers. so that means i'm going to be able to give the ohm64 script a live test πŸ™‚
    if it crashes and burns, which i doubt, there's always the backup.

    btw this is on a win 7 x64 using arkaos (the old one) and live 8.22


  6. i just can't seem to get anything to work. I'm familiar with launchpad, monome emulators, max4live. and follow'd the directions properly..but still strangely nothing.
    *Ableton 8.2.5
    Max 5.1.9

  7. There are a lot of variables, I'll admit….I'm trying to create an installer that puts everything where its supposed to go, but its not an easy task with OSX Packagemaker….

    I'm sure I can get you working, but I need more details. What OS? What behavior is 'not working'? Is the LaunchMod script working properly? Is anything crashing? Did you press both User1/User2 buttons simultaneously to enter ModMode? When in ModMode, when you press the shift button, does the grid light up in the center (for navigation)?

  8. Ok, we got that squared away….turns out uxepi didn't have the scripts selected in MIDI Preferences correctly. To reiterate, you have to have Monomodular installed, with 'None' for inputs and outputs. If using a Launchpad, you need to select the 'LaunchMod' as the controller, not 'Launchpad'. Of course select its inputs and outputs in the menu.

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