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BlockPad Monomodular script for Livid’s Block!

 So, this might be some kind of personal victory for me….and that’s kind of depressing hehe.  I received Livid’s Block controller in the mail today, and I’m honestly impressed with the ergonomics of the controller.  It’s compact and yet well organized, with enough controls to get by with under most circumstances.

Of course, before I can really see what its all about, I had to integrate it into Monomodular.  Since the Launchpad is its closest cousin (besides a monome, which I don’t possess), I thought it would be easy to adapt the LaunchMod script I’ve just finished writing to use with the Block as well.

Several hours later (most of which was spent learning the control protocol for the Block, and trying to figure out why two of the LED’s weren’t lighting on my Block), I’ve got a working script that does everything that the Launchpad does.

Its included with the current distribution of the Monomodular suite, which can be downloaded from the sidebar on the right.

(edit 081211:: there was a problem in the __init__ of the original upload…I’ve corrected it and recompiled the package, so if you downloaded it earlier, you might try it again since the first version didn’t work)

Unfortunately, I don’t really like the ergonomics of this script all that much, so I probably won’t develop it very far….there’s just not much use for “Button Slider Elements” on a controller that already  has knobs….but still, I will incorporate the knobs at a later time so that the script is more useful.

In the meantime, here’s the rundown:

The top two Function buttons switch between Session and Mixer modes.

The other four Function buttons are for Navigation.

Gary is a shift button, he does the following when held down:

You can switch to User1 or User2 by pressing shift and either Session or Mixer.

When in Mixer mode, holding shift turns the the Nav buttons into Mode Buttons (to change views between Volume/Pan/Send1/Send2)

When in Session mode, holding shift turns the far Right column of the grid into Session Launch buttons.

To get to Monomodular Mode, quickly press shift twice.

In ModMode (trademark đŸ˜‰ ), top function buttons are Lock and Alt, bottom Nav buttons are the same.

I haven’t incorporated the Faders/Knobs yet, and haven’t quite decided how to.  The Launchpad script is less open than I had hoped in terms of how I can play with it easily, and I just don’t want to spend too much time on this.  I’d much rather adapt the MonOhm script to work with the Block, as its more generally usefull I think in the presence of faders/knobs.  So I’ll spend some time on that next, and you guys can play with this one in the mean time.

As a side note, I’m very joyous at how easy it has been to incorporate the new version of Monomodular into different controllers (this one took less than three hours!), and how well everything is working (for me anyway) when I’m done.  I think I might be getting better at this, finally….

Please send feedback my way…this is totally untested in the real world, but I can’t imagine its going to do anything terribly strange.  I’ll spend some more time on it when I get further feedback, and try to come up with an intelligent way to add the faders/knobs in the meantime.  Keep in mind, User1 and User2 are available, this remaps the grid to different channels so you can use them for whatever you want.  Check the Launchpad docs if you’re wondering how things work, as things are largely the same since I started from the same script.

If you’ve changed the defaults for your Block, your going to have to reset to factory settings in order to get this to work.  There’s no “Map.py” file like the MonOhm script  (yet).

Back to tutorial making…..

Happy blinking!


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