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A quick thanks to Christopher Willits and Cullen Miller for putting together the m4l Hack Night @ Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco….it was a long way to drive, but I got to meet a bunch of cool people and learn some new things.  It was nice to play through GAFFTA’s 7 Channel Ambisonic sound installation…..even if I couldn’t hear myself while I was doing it (!).

A few things could have worked a little  better.  I learned one REALLY important thing about my own setup:  if you create a looping plugin that emulates tape-based looping, don’t assume your plugin is broken when you catch a loop and you don’t hear it playing back.  Instead, make sure the tape’s transport is running….

Meantime, I’ll be ‘checking out’ for a bit:  it’s back into the swing of the show season for me; but I’ll still be hacking away and patching in my spare time,  I just won’t have quite as much of it to spread around.

Working on getting current patches documented and posted to SVN, then I’ll update the current distribution to b991r2.  Might be a little bit before then, but I’ll post when I get things finished.  I’ve actually made quite a few changes to some of the patches since the last public release.

Cheers 🙂


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