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Send me music links:

Hey guys,

I’d love to hear some music made with Monomodular, and make it available to other users….I’ve added a little sidebar to the blog with links to material that has been made using Monomodular.  Please chime in and add your creations to the mix!  Just drop me a comment or a mail with the address to link to.

Meanwhile, I’m working on Block/Code scripts, a patch called ‘Binary’ which spans both the Code and any connected grid controller allowing variable speed sequence creation.

In addition, there will be a new timing module available to all Monomod plugins as an alternative to the standard module.  It will allow the timing to be driven by MIDI input to the plugin.  In this way, you can use whatever is connected to the input of the plugin as a timing source, paving the way for some crazy combinations/modularity between different plugins or even from MIDI clips in Live.  Think:  binary ==driving==> tr256 ==driving==> every other monomod plugin for some crazy capabilities in variable timing.  Hard to explain, but as soon as I get my camera back, you’ll see what I mean.  This stuff is almost finished, as I wrote the core of ‘Binary’ a while ago.

Anyway, I’ll be doing Atlantis fest outside OC in L.A. this weekend, second stage I think (running sound, not performing)….if you’re out there, slide on by.  I’ll be getting back to coding in a week or so after I get back.


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  1. Seems like our stage got cancelled this weekend, so I'll be hanging out at home shooting videos and making patches instead….will miss the cash, but won't miss the drive to L.A. 😉


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