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b991b bug fix release

Hey guys,

I figured out what was going on with the crashing situations with b991.  There was an old version of lh_midi on my system that was getting included in the frozen files.  I was under the impression that externals were not included in frozen m4l patches, but apparently that is not the case.  The link below will get you the fixed versions, and all you should have to do is replace the maxpatches in your Live library (the included version of lh_midi was the most current, so no need to replace it).

The old lh_midi plugin was causing monomodular to crash Live when other applications using virtual ports were open.  Hopefully this fix works for everyone, and of course please let me know if you are still having problems.

In other news, I’m still plugging along with getting b992 out, but work restraints are taking their toll.  I’m half way through finishing the second patch that will be released (a replacement for “Knobs”), and the first one just needs a few tweaks now.  You can expect the following additions with the next update (I’m just stating it again here to reorient myself):

renewed APC40 support
APC20 support (haven’t started on this one yet)
native Block support  (finished)
Code support  (nearly finished)
updated timing engine for all plugins
Binary Mod  (nearly finished)
“Super Knobs” Mod (haven’t decided what to call it yet)
Custom color/flash maps for different control surface scripts
Some other tweaks and bug fixes

I may release b992 without APC support if it seems like its taking too long, but I don’t expect the APC stuff to take too much time since I’ve already done most of the work on the APC40 script in older versions.

In addition, I’m aware that MonoLink doesn’t work with autoconfig at present, and its on the list of future changes, but I can’t comment on how long it will take as I haven’t looked into what changes are necessary yet.  I imagine it will be pretty simple, and if possible I’ll include it with b992, but then again the more changes that are included with b992, the longer it will take to release.

Thanks to Pete and Marc for helping me out with this current crashing situation, it was greatly appreciated.  Of course this kind of thing is going to pop up when I don’t really have much time to work on revisions 😉


link to new revisions:


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4 Responses to “b991b bug fix release”

  1. cool, will try that today !

  2. Hey…

    I'm trying to see if I can get AumPad working with TouchOSC and LiveControl, but I'm kinda confused about setup.

    The readme says to refer to the AumPad m4l plugin helpfile. I have no idea what that is. Mostly because I don't have Max4Live.

    Is Max4Live required to be able to use AumPad?

    I've been trying to see if I can get the AumPad.touchosc layout to work with CoreMidi instead, but the TouchOSC editor is pretty jenky… will report back on that.

    FWIW – MonOhm is working, but some stuff does not light up on an a regular Ohm64.

  3. Hey Steven,

    Yeah, m4l is definitely required for AumPad…I use the API hooks to send stuff to TouchOSC. You should be able to use it in demo mode, and possibly another way (drop me some mail).

    I also want to implement CoreMIDI support through MIDIMobilizer for some increase in speed someday, but time is short right now.

    The function buttons (top right) on the Ohm64 Monochrome don't have individual addresses for the leds, if this is what you're refering to. If not, please include more detailed information in your mail about what's not working, as I'm investigating some monochrome problems someone else is having right now and I can have a looksee at the same time.


  4. Well… I did some crazy stuff tonight and mapped your aumpad TouchOSC layout to use CoreMIDI (on MacOS X). So now I've got it where you setup a Network Session and get TouchOSC control over WiFi without needing LiveControl or m4l. Pretty neat.

    Neat thing is it can use any OHM64 remote script. So I can set LIve to use OhmModes and the iPad just acts like an OHM64.

    Started laying out a Block version tonight, but that might take awhile to get looking nice (and I need to check the midi assignments on the Block as well).

    I will send you some email (and/or post it on the Livid forum) tomorrow if you wanna check it out.

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