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Akai Scripts

I finished the APC40 and APC20 b992 Monomodular scripts just now.  All together it only took me about three hours to completely integrate both control surfaces with the new Monomod scripts.  I think that’s a record!  The first releases will be very simple, as I completely started from scratch with the stock 8.22 scripts; its a no-frills setup.

As time permits, I will integrate the b992 scripts with Hanz’s scripts, as well as my own edits that I had used before I moved over to the Ohm64.

In addition, I’ve added some lines to the AumPad script to make the agonizingly slow WIFI speeds work better, and hopefully I’ll get back to it soon to add Codec support (the new Livid Code script).  I wouldn’t look for this until b993, though, as I really want to get a release out soon….I know its been a while, and everyone out there is using painfully old versions of this stuff (there are a lot of changes and additions in b992).

What’s left to do?  I have some buggers to fix in one of the new patches (Binary), I need to finish up non-codec support for EndCoders, the new timing engine still hasn’t been completed, and I need to implement the new color maps for the entire suite of plugins (possible now that I’ve finished coding scripts for all the control surfaces I plan on supporting).  I’ve got a little time off this week, so chances are good that I will in fact be able to release something by the end of next week.  Wish me luck šŸ™‚


~ by amounra on October 15, 2011.


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