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I spent all weekend working on scripts, and everything is pretty much done at this point.  Things took a lot longer than planned, mostly because ‘Binary’ started out without any direction six months ago and has become much more than it was originally conceived to be.  I had to rewrite a lot of it, and its still going to require some work after this release.  Good news, everything else is getting faster and better.

I’m tweaking the base Python scripts to make sure that everything works as well as possible, and adding color maps to all the current patches.  I managed to break my brand new video camera yesterday, so tutorials may take a bit longer than expected.  Also, I’ve not managed to do any documentation on new features/patches yet, and I don’t expect to get all this stuff done before I release the files.

Probably looking at a few more days…maybe a bit more depending on my schedule.  In any case, its imminent….


~ by amounra on October 24, 2011.


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