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8 is not enough

I was finding it difficult to only use 8 Mod patches at a time, so I changed all the scripts to support 16.  You can choose the second sixteen by pressing the (x=0, y=3) button on the grid when you press shift.  Patches 9-16 are shown in inverse.  Same goes for channels 9-16….the shift button for them is on the right side (x=7, y=3).

Mostly untested….it worked on the AumPad script.  If things don’t work as planned, I’ll update as soon as possible.  Let me know what you find.

As usual, just re-download, reinstall.


edit:: forgot to change the .py files to the current ones.  I shouldn’t release software when I’m delirious from sickness.  Anyway, fixed….all the correct files should be in there (now just need to see if they all work or not).

edit2:: forgot to change name of new AumPC20 and AumPC40 scripts in installer, so I’m sure it didn’t work.  Updated, should work now.

edit3::changed some BlockMod stuff to make it work correctly without Monomodular installed.

~ by amounra on October 31, 2011.


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