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Nothing but the black Abyss of the bean.

Yeah, so I’ve been drinking too much coffee lately.  It makes me feel nice.  Till about the fourth cup, anyway….

I’ve put up the first two parts of some video tutorials I shot last weekend.  They just detail some information about the new Monomodular functions, and give an account of what Binary does.  I’ve shot some footage for EndCoders as well, but I may reshoot it before I get around to actually putting it up.

I’ve been retooling my studio a bit, and trying to make some music.  These processes are both exceedingly rewarding and discouraging at the same time.  Perdurabo!

I’m currently spending the most amount of time testing and refining things with the new suite, and finishing up the Looper plugin I’ve been working on for the last several months.  Its closer to being done now than I thought it would be….I’ve finally managed to get the tricky timing bits worked out.  I’ll put some video of the process up as soon as I get some free time.

On the horizon for b993:

iPad TouchOSC template/new Script with only the 256 Monomodular screen (I need this myself).
AumPad speed improvements.
Python speed improvements (for some reason refresh calls are getting made way too many times ever since b991).
New Alt functions for Monomod:  Mute plugin, Disable plugin.  Taking additional suggestions on these.
Looper Plugin.
Monome support rewrite.
Improvements and bug-fixes for Binary and (especially) EndCoders.
Grid-based snapshot support for EndCoders.

Hopefully, though, the next thing I release is music instead of code šŸ˜‰


edit:: Oh, I almost forgot.  Markus Naumann has produced some further tutorial videos for you to watch, hosted on his YouTube site here:


Thanks Markus!

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  1. Regarding My Videos: I try to cover all Things regarding using Monomodular on the Launchpad (and maybe on the APC20 soon, too).


  2. iPad TouchOSC template/new Script with only the 256 Monomodular screen (I need this myself).

  3. Thanks for the information, and your web page really looks very good. What wordpress design are you employing?

  4. ChaoticSoul….with some edits šŸ˜‰

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