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Lemur Module on the way…

Got the news late last night…Lemur for the iPad.  Something I expected to see, well, about two years ago.

Guys at Liine did a good job, as far as I can tell.  It took me a while of wading through the manual to find out the things I needed to know, but once I found the pertinent information I was up and running.

So you will see a module for lemur that does exactly what the current (unreleased) version of the Aum256 script with the next release.  Its probably going to happen next week…I’m getting impatient about finishing up the Windows version of the installer (due to lack of time/the need to finish installing all of the components on the Windows partition of my dev machine), so all the new stuff will probably get released as a subrelease of b992.

For those of you presently using TouchOSC and AumPad, I can tell you that the Lemur version of Aum256 should be a great deal faster.  Can’t promise anything though….I’ll have to do some testing.  But initially, I’ve been getting much faster results using it.

It makes me wonder why I didn’t just buy a Lemur 2 years ago…..sheesh, I do go the long way around sometimes.

Also, thanks to another user tip, I’ve been alerted to a serious flaw with my last rev of Tintinambulo (the timing engine got taken out and never put back in), so I’m in the process of updating that.

I’ll make another post when I finally get all this stuff published.  I’ve got several other real-life responsibilities at present, so it may be the beginning of next week before you see anything.

I’m starting to feel the overwhelming vastness of all this stuff I’ve been making again….its kind of crippling me.  If I disappear for a bit in the upcoming holiday season, rest assured on I’m working on things, but being quiet about it….


~ by amounra on December 8, 2011.


2 Responses to “Lemur Module on the way…”

  1. great!!
    just what was about to ask. 🙂
    will i be able to combine your monomod page with other pages in the lemur editor? e.g. use it with mu …

  2. definitely….not to mention change the physics/position/appearance etc. of the mod stuff.

    Oh, and its MUCH faster. Everything is done, it will be added to the installation as soon as I finish up what I'm doing 😉 I'll make a new post when I get everything up.

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