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Lemur stuff is up on SVN, for those of you that are waiting.  Ignore the LCD portion, and report errors please 🙂  Far from finished, but plenty functional.  I recommend MyWi if you’re jailbroken, its blazing fast….(how did I not know about that until a week ago?!)

Max4Live native Installers for both platforms are finished, and in the testing stages with several helpful users.  They should be available in several days to the public, and will download direct from the SVN repo to install in the correct places on your system.  If you’re savvy, you can grab stuff from SVN, but the point, I guess, is that things are going to be changing regularly from now on, and the installer will make it much easier to stay in sync if you are so inclined.

I’m focussing on the new website next, which among other things holds a wiki that will be linked to from all of the individual Mods for better documentation (another reason I had to finish the installers).  Hopefully my next blog post will be from there!

I’m trying to get some live music and artwork up there as well this week, so if your interested keep an eye out….so many things to do hehe.

Happy new year to all, its going to be a very interesting one 😉

Stay tuned…..


~ by amounra on December 27, 2011.


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