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Did you miss me?  Well, I’m not heartbroken if you didn’t, but I’m sorry if you did.

I’ve been extremely busy of late working with Livid, mostly getting ready for the launch of the new min:s collaboration, the CNTRL:R, and its accompanying step sequencer.  I’m officially part of the Livid Instruments team now (and very stoked about that!), so time for my personal pursuits has been slightly curtailed lately.

But don’t fret.  I’m still working on b993, and it is mostly finished at this point.  I’ve found a couple of inadequacies that I’d like to fix for release, and have added a special bonus Lemur template that will probably please some users.

Regarding a project that I’ve mentioned in the recent past:  the ClyphX integration I’ve been contemplating is getting put on the back-burner until I have some more time, but its still on the list of ‘to-dos’, so I’ll get around to it.

I’m also embroiled working as my alter ego, the ‘Recording Engineer’, recording a completely non-electronic solo album for a good friend of mine, so my time has been smeared pretty thin upon the canvas of life for me lately.

Stay in touch if you have any immediate needs regarding the existing stuff, and the time is getting close that I will be giving b993 to some beta testers to make sure that nothing has gone too far awry before a public release.  If you’d like to be included, make sure to drop me some email.

Cheers, and happy blinking 🙂



~ by amounra on February 7, 2012.


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  1. i miss you and i am stoked about new version, long time i try to setup my apc20 and slowly i start little understand, must make somewhere mistake or so, because i was read it´s possible, through that no video about setting apc

  2. and i forget, i am on win7 and when i put the installer to ableton, it´s find me a folders, but not in 64 bit of win which i need but only in 32 bit, any recommendations please?

  3. Hey Petr,

    Sorry, I don’t have a Win64 installation that I can test on. I’ve had mixed reports from users running 64 bit….some say it works, some are not so fortunate. One thing I can point you to:

    Make sure you install the 64 bit version of sliksvn. There are two versions available on their website, you may have the wrong one installed.

    If its not finding the correct folders, you can select them manually. Their are instructions on the wiki site (which is accessible from the plugin itself).

    If that STILL doesn’t work, you may have to put the files where they go manually. There is a description of where everything goes here:


    Let me know if your still having problems, we can get you going 🙂


  4. hallo 🙂 the problem is, that monomodular cannot find the folders and when i set them, they are not visible in the window, through that, i was downloaded b992 version and put the folders where they have to be,i can switch by holding shift+note mode and with after holding the shift i can see in the top lett row two shining buttons and another sixteen in the middle, i have no idea what to do with that

    • Sounds like you have everything installed correctly. When you switch modes, holding shift reveals the navigator. Although far from complete, the wiki would be a good place to start. I recommend this page, under ‘How Monomodular Works’:


      It might be helpful to look at the other controllers (especially the Ohm64) to get a better idea of how things work. Now that I’m looking at it, there isn’t a very basic breakdown of how the system works there, I’ll put one up tomorrow (something like that used to be included with the readme file, but things have changed a bit in the two years I’ve been working on this stuff).

      If you had one of the patches that you put in your Max for Live devices folder installed on a track, switching modes should bring up the one of the ones you have inserted, and allow you to interact with it.

      edit:: well, it turns out it was already on the wiki (I thought so!) and just hidden a bit. I made a better link to it, and here’s a link to that:


  5. ok, thank you for the interest, i´ll try everything later at home, hope i will be move in the front little, strange for me is that clip chopper connected with monolink is not showing led indicator button shining on apc when clip is launched

  6. Congrats man !
    Any improvements on the looper expected ? Still buggy with my computer (i’ll be changing it next summer, maybe it will solve the problem)

    • Hey Seb,

      I think I’ve done a bunch of stuff to it….its still not quite there, though. I need to work on the tempo-sync (it gets out of sync when you change tempos)….other than that, though, its rock-solid for me. I can’t imagine anyone else is going to have as good luck with it since its kinda based around some custom hardware, and I haven’t gotten around to making it ‘universal’ (although there have been a few improvements in that area, as well).

      I’ve made a bunch of changes to it, but couldn’t say what (its a gradual process). If I can ever get this update finished, I’m going to spend a week or two focussing on it again.

      Y’know, I can’t figure out why its not working for you (I was just looking back at your crash-logs)…I have it running on three different computers, and I have a friend (locally) who uses it as well. Strange, must be some kind of conflict with something else that’s going on in your system.

      I’ll drop you the b993 pre-release, I just got it packaged tonight.

  7. I’ve finally got the 992 installed on Win7 64 bit. Basically tried both SilkSVN 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Had to go into cmd line and enter the http checkout from the googlecode site (read-only) to grab the files and then pointed the installer to them. Seems to have installed fine, but still can’t figure out how to get the APC20 to work with things, i.e. tried using LiveClipChopper aka the tutorial vids for launchpad, but no real luck figuring out how to correctly mash loops. Could be a bit of new user syndrome as I’m not familiar with monome. Nonetheless, was able to get some interaction with the APC20. Also tried using the TouchOSC on my iPad2 with LiveControl connecting, but couldn’t get any connection.

    • Glad you got it working. I need to put up a tutorial on the wiki on how to download the package manually via SVN and dos/darwin command line. It probably won’t be necessary, though, as the next version will be distributed with the full package as well as the installer by itself. B992 was an experiment in how well this would work, and, although it works extremely well for OSX users, the process hasn’t done so good for Windows (Win7 especially).

      I’ve kind of abandoned TouchOSC in deference to Lemur…the Liine stuff is much more robust in its ability to add features, and is about 4 times faster (don’t ask me why). The TouchOSC stuff should still work (and there are plenty of people still using it), but I can’t guarantee that it will past b993 (or even with b993, as I haven’t actually spent on time on that).

      Re: LiveClipChopper, I’ve ported that over to a native mod in b993, so things should work a lot better. Unfortunately, I just found a major bug in some of the scripts, so b993 release is a little more delayed than it was 2 days ago.

      Drop me an email so I can get your particulars and some more info, and I’ll try to help you get things going with the iPad.


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